You don't have to be afraid of the dark


Dispersion creates custom LED illumination systems.

We integrate these systems into art, architecture, and everyday objects.


You don't have to be afraid of the dark.

Adding light no longer has to be an afterthought - done in the dark. Illuminating things with integrated systems make form and light a single entity. As technology advances, we can begin to remove concepts like "uplighting, "washing," or "flooding" light onto sculptures, buildings, or design elements. With pixel-controlled LEDs, in a growing variety of form factors, illumination is now just another element of design - on par with dimension, form, and material.

We'd like to invite you to start thinking in this way. Light doesn't have to be static - pointed and aimed. It can be dynamic, integrated, and responsive. It can be playful, beautiful, tangible and add another element to any space or object. We're here to collaborate with you to create something no one has ever experienced. Tell us what you're up to.


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@ The Studio (Boulder)
3550 Frontier Ave., Suite A2
Boulder, CO 80301